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Company shows it cares with feeling app

23 May 2017

Wastewater specialist Lanes Group has created a digital app that asks its people: ‘How are you feeling today?’

The new feeling app gives the opportunity for five responses, from very unhappy to very happy, and asks colleagues if they want help with any concerns. If they select ‘Yes’, the app sends an alert to the appropriate line manager to see what support can be offered. The feeling app has been created by Lanes Utilities, Thames Water’s wastewater network services maintenance partner.

Lanes Utilities director Andy Brierley said: “We want to let our teams know we care about their wellbeing, because that reflects our values as a business. We also see staff wellbeing as being integral to workplace safety and the way customers experience our service."

Wastewater engineers are prompted to respond to the app as they log on to a digital workplace operating system on their mobile phones at the start of every shift.

Since the app was introduced in November 2016, the number of engineers indicating they are ‘very unhappy’ has fallen from 8% to less than 1%.

In that time, senior managers have helped colleagues with a range of concerns, including financial problems, family relationships, conflicts with colleagues at work, and dissatisfaction with career opportunities.