Louise Hosking

24 March 2017

Reducing time on compliance

My top ten tips on how you can save time on compliance.

  1. Have a strong, uncomplicated documentation management system you understand and can easily check. File paperwork/electronic info as soon as it comes in and hold others accountable to do the same
  2. Expect high standards and those around you will too. Make it clear what you expect from others and manage them well. Coach rather than tell
  3. Talk to contractors about how they will work safely and watch how they work in practice. Use photos and bullet points to agree safe systems rather than reams of generic documentation
  4. Understand how to manage risk in line with the hierarchy of risk control and use this knowledge when you talk to people. Collaborate. Make strong risk based decisions at the time rather than going back and forth with RAMs
  5. Prioritise actions, not everything needs to be done today
  6. Create a good team, delegate well, trust your contractors – H&S is a team sport so share the love
  7. Have a good administrator
  8. Use the HSE website if you don’t know something. Its quick to use and most answers are there
  9. Don’t try to cut corners. Looking for work-arounds might save time now, but it may come back and bite you later
  10. Avoid having accidents by having a clear safety management system which works in practise - not just on paper. Investigations, recriminations and legal action are hugely time consuming

Louise Hosking, director, Hosking Associates Ltd