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SoloProtect break the 200,000 mark

07 December 2016

SoloProtect has recently shipped its 200,000th Identicom lone worker device. This is a far cry from their humble beginnings, when the device was formed after Craig Swallow, SoloProtect UK MD attended a Suzy Lamplugh Trust event in 2002.

Now over a decade later their cause remains the same – helping others to improve their personal safety when working alone.

Craig said: "It wasn’t too long ago that I asked a room full of health and safety professionals how many recognised they had lone workers with risk in their organisations - hardly a hand was raised. The story is very different today and I asked the very same question at a show recently, (November 2016), to a room of over 100 health and safety professionals – practically everyone raised their hands."

Identicom is claimed to be the only lone worker device specifically designed as an identity card holder in order to be easy to wear and discreet to use. Containing mobile-phone (GSM) technology, it enables a 24/7/365 link to Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) monitoring in the event an employee requires assistance due to physical or verbal aggression.