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Put down the pickling paste!

16 September 2016

Inverter Fusion says its weld cleaning machine, Fusion Clean, eliminates the dangers of traditional weld cleaning methods and improves productivity.

The traditional ‘pickling paste’, primarily used to clean stainless steels after welding, is a combination of hydrofluoric acid and nitric acid which can not only cause serious burns, but also serious lung problems. Although it is used widely, the dangers involved are often overlooked.

According to Inverter Fusion, Fusion Clean is a high quality, electrolytic cleaner which is not only much safer, but also far more convenient: the results are instantaneous, and the finish excellent. And since it avoids the use of harsh toxic chemicals with their attendant storage, handling and disposal problems, Fusion Clean is said to save both time and money.

"The Fusion Clean is the most sturdy, well built machine we have come across. Nothing compares to the price, quality and ease of use," commented Dom at Water Blades R Us. "We found ourselves using less fluid, fewer passes over the welds and found over a batch of parts a saving on time. It’s a winner!"

Fusion Clean is available in 240v and 110v models and is covered by a comprehensive three year warranty.

For further information visit www.inverterfusion.co.uk