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Forklifts feed production lines

22 September 2016

UK food company the Addo Food Group says investment in new Mitsubishi GRENDiA ES forklifts (Red Diamond Distribution) is helping feed their ravenous production lines and maximise production.

Faced with an ageing fleet, the Dorset Foods division sought out a very specific type of forklift truck to deal with their conditions on site. 

Supply chain manager Trevor Cook said: “The forklifts each have to unload up to a ton of ingredients including eggs, meat, seasoning and packaging from a lorry parked on the road and transfer them 75 yards to the loading bay. 

“Outside space is very restricted; there’s very little room to move and we have very tight corners. Added to that, the loading bay itself is also on an incline, so for us manoeuvrability and stability of the trucks are paramount.”

To keep productivity levels high and the perishable ingredients on the move, the Addo Food Group opted for the LPG-powered Mitsubishi GRENDiA ES FG15N Series forklift for its compact design and fully hydrostatic steering. 

Operators say the intuitive handling’s precision and predictability – even in the tightest corners and aisles – gives them more trust in their control of the vehicle, and this added driver confidence pays off with faster, more assured manoeuvring leading to increased productivity.

Andover Fork Truck Services offered a competitively-priced package that also included rapid service response times.