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Home>Slips, Trips & Falls>Fall Protection>NASC Launches Updated Free Scaffold Specification Template

NASC Launches Updated Free Scaffold Specification Template

01 June 2016

The NASC has launched an updated version of its user-friendly, free Scaffold Specification Template (Guide to Managing and Appointing Scaffolding Contractors).

The scaffolding guide was originally developed by the NASC and is designed “to improve the quality of scaffold structures erected on construction sites and other works of engineering maintenance in accordance with current legislation, guidance and protocol and to minimise the risk of accident or injury to operatives working on or near the scaffold and the general public.”

The 20 page document (free to download from the NASC Website or to be distributed by email to those who need it) is intended for use by anybody with responsibility for the management, use, monitoring and provision of scaffolding.

The Scaffold Specification Template features information about tube and fitting and system scaffolding as well as lightweight mobile access towers. And there are sections on current scaffolding regulation, competence, training and proficiency of CISRS Part 1, Part 2 and Advanced scaffolding operatives, scaffold design, handover certificates, scaffold inspections, risk and method statements and client information.

In addition, there is a large section on the minimum requirements for scaffold tube, boards, fittings, loading bays, brick guards, sheeting and debris netting, access and egress, edge protection, ties and hop up and stage brackets. The document also contains TG20:13 Compliance Sheet examples, Scaffold Inspection Report Sheets, examples of current CISRS cards and more useful documentation.

NASC President, Alan Lilley said: “For many principal contractors/clients specifying the criteria for a scaffolding contract at tender/pre-contract stage can be as onerous and uncertain a task as trying to manage the operations of an appointed scaffolding contractor.

“The information contained within this guidance published by the NASC will be of great assistance to those procuring, appointing and managing scaffolding contracts. It should help to ensure that correct and up to date scaffolding standards are incorporated into relevant contract documentation and will require that appointed scaffolding contractors adopt recognised scaffolding industry good practice upon their site(s).”

A draft of the NASC scaffold specification template document was showcased to construction, health and safety and industry professionals at the Health & Safety event at NEC in Birmingham, March 22-24th.

To obtain a copy of the Scaffold Specification Template, please visit www.nasc.org.uk