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Heskins Ltd manufacture and supply a wide range of self-adhesive anti slip tape and line marking materials. Operating from large, modern factory site fully certified to ISO9000 and ISO 14001 standards, Heskins produce anti slip tape using lean manufacturing methods in a variety of colours, shapes, sizes and surface finishes. Lean manufacturing methods not only guarantee a quality product, but a competitive price range.

Heskins safety tapes can be instantly applied to most clean and dry surfaces, offering a safety solution that not only increases safety and optimise workflow, but keeps down time to an absolute minimum.

Not only can Heskins offer you an off the shelf safety solution, but the range of post-production conversion machines can give the customer a choice of Heskins material in any shape, width and length they require. Custom options also in terms of colour, kit packs and even various adhesive options are also a possibility. Many of these are dependent on order quantity.

Resellers are also very welcome. Not only can Heskins ship the product to you branded and boxed ready to sell out of the box, but provide marketing materials to go with them, comprising of printed, colour brochures and a full download suite for access to our full, hi-res photo library. Contact Heskins to find out more information regarding the reseller service.

All Heskins anti slip tapes and floor marking materials are fully tested and certified in certain areas. Data sheets can be provided for insight on this information.

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Safety Grip - Anti Slip Griptape from Heskins Ltd

Heskins original anti slip griptape is Safety-Grip™, abrasive minerals applied to a self-adhesive UPU carrier, for quick, durable application in many different conditions.

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Aqua Safe Non Slip Flooring

The Heskins aqua-safe & non abrasive anti slip tape range has a unique non slip coating to ensure an effective non slip flooring, yet has a smoother surface for walking bare foot on and no abrasion to prevent damage to skin, material or wet suits.

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Glow in the Dark Tape

Power outs in the workplace increase health and safety hazards, and doing your upmost to eradicate the problems that may arise can save you and your employees a lot of hardship.

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Anti Slip Bolt Down Plates - Non Slip Stair Treads

Our bolt down plates are ideal for application in areas where Safety-Grip™ tape is not suitable i.e constantly wet, uneven or loose surfaces like external wooden surfaces such as decking as well as applying as non slip stair treads.

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Conformable Anti Slip Tape H3406

Durbar plate, chequer plate, diamond tread are all commonly used you can see them almost everywhere for fire exits, walkways, access platforms etc., it is a common misconception that the pattern provides a safe surface to walk on, unfortunately this is not correct.

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Non Slip Fabric

Heskins non-slip fabric is a versatile and very effective anti slip mesh product. We produce many different types, thicknesses and colours, adhesive and non-adhesive formats are available.

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Reflective Marking Tape H6601

Reflective tape is a simple, self-adhesive, high visibility safety tape, suitable for marking out potentially hazardous or dangerous areas. It can be effectively used in any environment, and takes literally minutes to apply.

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DOT Tape H6602

Heskins Ltd are fully distributing DOT tape, with the intention of supplying European manufacturers for trailers and vehicles intended for operation in the USA.

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PermaStripe H6901

PermaStripe® is the world's most effective and durable aisle marking system. It is the modern warehouse line marking alternative to resin and paint helping forward thinking companies achieve 5S floor marking status.

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PermaRoute H6903

PermaRoute® is the world's only complete floor marking system. Over many years we have developed the range to encompass every section of floor marking for factories, warehouses, assembly areas and logistic bases.

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