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uvex partners up with renowned Mechanix glove

30 June 2015

uvex, Europe’s largest safety glove manufacturer, is now offering a collection of the prestigious Mechanix Gloves to perfectly complement its outstanding range of premium work safety gloves.

The high-quality ethos and protection to the back of the hand offered by Mechanix makes it an ideal fit with uvex’s superb hand protection collection and ensures superior performance from each and every glove available from uvex.


Originally worn by pit crew in motorsport teams in the US, the hard-working, high-tech Mechanix glove soon became highly sought-after for general mechanical and industrial applications, including oil and gas drilling, where hand injuries are a huge risk, and construction.


Jenny Sims, Product Manager at uvex UK, said: "uvex’s choice of the Mechanix range of safety gloves is a great fit between the two companies, since Mechanix prides itself on high quality products giving the best possible hand protection just as much as uvex does.


"We are very pleased that the addition of the Mechanix range to gloves available from uvex means that uvex can now provide full hand protection solutions for most industrial sectors,” Sims concluded.


For more information on all uvex products visit: www.uvex-safety.co.uk or contact uvex customer services on +44 (0)1252 731200.