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HEAD10 Escape Set, Innovative and Maintenance Free

20 November 2015

For the last 30 years the escape breathing apparatus market has been the same - a cumbersome compressed air bottle, uncomfortable hood/facemask, complex donning and frequent maintenance.

The latest HEAD10 breathing apparatus, engineered by Semmco Life Protection Systems, is said to be a much needed innovation in this industry.

Essential to a range of industries including oil & gas, petrochemical, chemical and pharmaceutical, this hooded self contained breathing apparatus is designed for escape scenarios.

Semmco says that unlike its’ competitors HEAD 10 produces oxygen from potassium superoxide, commonly known as KO2. This chemical has been used in various industries including mining for over 100 years.

By using this chemical to produce oxygen rather then compressed air the user is provided with an all encompassing apparatus with no components obstructing their arms or legs. KO2 also requires no maintenance giving the product a maintenance free shelf life of 12 years.

The HEAD10 ensures the user is able to don the apparatus and escape quickly, critical when considering the emergency situation they are used in. Semmco adds that with no maintenance, this product offers a more convenient, accessible form of breathing apparatus then ever before. Learning how to use the HEAD10 safely and efficiently also requires little training, a testament to the thought and quality interjected into the model.

Visit www.semmcolps.com/product/escape-set for further information.