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Greater rupture disc reliability

13 August 2014

The IEC industry standards detailing the safety performance requirements for hazardous operations have been widely adopted by many industries (IEC 61508 and IEC 61511). However, the requirement within high integrity industries to further quantify levels of compliance has led to the implementation of the Safety Integrity Level (SIL). SIL is another measurement of the reliability of protection systems in hazardous processes.

Elfab rupture discs and burst detection assemblies make a valuable contribution to these systems. Rupture discs have become an increasingly popular method of pressure relief in modern process plants with ever-increasing safety and environmental standards. The need for reliable yet cost-effective detection systems to indicate when a disc has functioned has also become a pressing requirement. This has led disc manufacturers and customers alike to seek increasingly advanced systems that provide reliable protection. In response to customer requirements Elfab is now able to assist engineers working within stringent SIL rated conditions.
Knowing suppliers comply with such requirements enables users to specify more suitable pressure relief and associated detection devices into their high-risk installations, where the reliability of the safety system is paramount.