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TUC sets out ways to curb workplace deaths & injuries

30 April 2013

Regular safety inspections, a maximum temperature in the workplace and greater control of carcinogens are some of the changes that the TUC calls for in its new ten point safety manifesto.

Rather than relaxing health and safety laws, described by the TUC as the current Government’s approach, the report calls for urgent action to improve workplace safety and bring the UK more into line with its European competitors.

One recommendation is that no business should be exempt from unannounced safety inspections. It also claims that if all workers were given free access to occupational health services, the savings to the economy – through lower sickness absence and a reduction in benefits payments – would far exceed the cost. More specific health suggestions include the introduction of lower limits for inhalable and respirable dust, and the removal, where possible, of all workplace carcinogens.

Other recommendations include strengthening the regulations on safety committees and safety reps to increase effectiveness; a new legal duty on directors to change boardroom attitudes towards company health and safety; and strengthening the remit of the Gangmasters Licensing Authority to protect groups of vulnerable workers.