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Our experience of the lift industry is virtually unsurpassed. In the
1860s, Joseph Stannah began making lifts to move ships' cargo, and today our
business has expanded to include passenger lifts, goods lifts and, more
recently, the supply, installation and maintenance of bespoke large lifts,
escalators and moving walkways.The Stannah Group is a long standing British, family-owned company with
fifth generation members of the Stannah family still very much hands-on in
running the business. All our products are manufactured in the UK and quality assured to ISO
9001. We understand the requirements for providing disabled access to public
buildings and have a range of Equality Act and Part M compliant solutions. We
are able to supply our products and product support quickly and efficiently,
with over 320 lift engineers based in eleven branches across the UK, ensuring
our customers are supported locally. Over the years we've developed a reputation for honesty, integrity and
commitment to the quality customers have come to expect across all our


The Microlift Range

Stannah Microlift is Europe's largest selling range of service lifts and everyone’s answer to moving goods - from improving service in an eatery to moving cash in a casino.

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Microlift – 50kg/100kg Double Decker

The Double Decker service lift provides two lift cars in the same shaft, ideal where space is restricted. Loading and serving is at floor and counter levels. The lower car entrance has a hinged landing gate, the upper car has rise and fall shutters.

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The Trolleylift Range

Stannah Trolleylift is a floor level service lift suitable for larger loads of up to 300kg transported on trolleys or in roll cages. These larger service lift, are typically used in pubs, bars or hotels to move beer barrels and crates, or in shops or retail environments to move larger loads. They are designed to help you avoid excessive manual handling with risk of injury to your staff.

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Stannah Levelmaster

The Stannah Levelmaster is a low rise platform goods lift with a carrying capacity up to 2000kg. Supplied in its own self-supporting structure, it is quick and easy to install. The Levelmaster is an ideal solution where goods need to be moved over a small change in level. It offers a cost-effective, simple solution with a wide range of platform sizes.

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Goodsmaster Classic

Our traditional goods-only Goodsmaster Classic range has 13 models that can carry from 500 - 1500kg. (Please contact Stannah if you require larger lifts outside of this range.)

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Goodsmaster Plus

When your goods need to be attended in transit then this is the lift for you. Lifting loads from 500 - 1400kg, with up to two trained and competent attendants, this lift quickly moves all its cargo efficiently between floors.

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Goodsmaster CD

The Goodsmaster CD is a freestanding goods lift specifically designed for goods-only commercial and industrial use.

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