On-site repairs

15 June 2021

CFTS UNDERSTANDS that time is valuable and its accredited engineers are trained and equipped to remedy faults on site, helping minimise downtime.

Work equipment is required to undergo regular Thorough Examinations to ensure it is safe to use. But if faults are detected during the inspection, businesses can sometimes be left with idle equipment while they wait for repairs. 

Geoff Martin, CFTS chairman, comments, “Many inspection providers will do cursory checks and then leave the owner with a list of things to fix and a truck that is out of action.

“Our experienced engineers have the knowledge and capabilities to provide a service on the truck following an inspection, helping the owner get back up and running as soon as possible.

“This will be particularly important at the moment, when companies may have equipment that has been stood down for prolonged periods during the latest lockdown. The HSE has reiterated that this equipment must have a Thorough Examination before it is put back into service, to check that parts haven’t deteriorated over recent months.”

A CFTS Thorough Examination is efficient, but in-depth. The lifting parts of the truck are examined in accordance with LOLER, as well as non-lifting parts, such as brakes and steering, in alignment with PUWER. The engineer will also conduct a 34-point inspection of forklift attachments.

CFTS-accredited companies are obliged under a stringent procedural code to provide a Report of Thorough Examination complying fully with LOLER and PUWER, a checklist specifying what has been inspected and recording any comments made, a certificate to keep with the truck’s documents, and a sticker (affixed to the truck) to show the day, month and year when the next Thorough Examination is due.

“A CFTS-accredited engineer can provide much more support than just checking a truck,” added Geoff Martin. “They can provide recommendations on examination intervals based on the truck, its usage and the environment. There are hundreds of providers around the UK, so it’s easy to find a local engineer.”

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