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The innovative FREE Racklog App has been released!

03 September 2020

FORGET ABOUT Racking Inspections using a clipboard, loose paper and a pen! Racklog App is designed to operate within industry standards and will enable you to electronically capture the details of your Racking Inspection and then automatically save the information to your android tablet or phone. Not only is this free it saves you time!

There’s no need for an internet connection in the warehouse and the results can be downloaded when you’re at your desk.

When the Racking Inspection survey is complete, the file is date/time stamped and can be sent via email, WhatsApp or Bluetooth to another device in industry-standard xlss format. The xlss format is universal for quick and easy incorporation into other documents and to create a spreadsheet to action any defects that have been identified.

For a walk-through on how Racklog works and a link to the free download, go to www.racklog.co.uk

The Green, Amber and Red classifications that are used have been are detailed by BS EN 15635, Health and Safety Guideline № 76 and by SEMA (the Storage Equipment Manufacturers Association).

Racking Inspections have never been easier and more controllable.