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Uni-Prop galvanises steel props

16 August 2021

UNI-PROP INTERNATIONAL has announced that China Government Environment Policy has prohibited the use of a standard paint finish on all raw steel manufactured products, including adjustable props (aka Acrow) and trench shoring struts.

China-based producers of these products are generally acknowledged to be the best but going forward they will only offer powder coated or galvanised finishes due to the new regulations.

With the majority of steel building props historically being manufactured with a painted finish, this development has wide ranging implications. At the forefront of adjustable prop and trench strut production, award-winning British manufacturer Uni-Prop International Ltd already had the foresight to galvanise the Uni-Prop range of steel products, which are produced under licence to a leading factory in China.

It was the decision to galvanise the universally used construction product that has caught the eye of a number of business awards’ judges.  Their products have already received acclamation from the National Building Awards (for innovation and health & safety), The Hire Awards of Excellence (Product of the Year) and Construction News Awards (for outstanding contribution to the industry).

Galvanising the Uni-Prop Acrows not only complies with the new environment agency legislation but also improves the cost efficiency of the product - as the relatively modest cost increase (to cover the galvanisation process) ensures the lifetime of the product is increased significantly.  This not only impacts favourably on value for money but also has sustainability and corporate social responsibility benefits.

The company says that Uni-Prop Acrow is generating so much interest due to its key features, which include:

  • The only galvanised Acrow Range on the market.
  • The only adjustable prop with manual and hydraulic functions.
  • Unlocks significant incremental revenues from the hire of the stand-alone hydraulic assembly.
  • The only adjustable prop load tested to BS EN 1065 which is the latest standard.
  • Innovated in the UK with global patents in place.

Invented in Britain, the Uni-Prop Acrow has created a positive reaction in the construction industry because it is the first and only adjustable prop that quickly converts to safely delivery up to 2T of precisely controlled power. It is the addition of this option that makes Uni-Prop so special and sets it apart from all existing devices that are used on virtually every building site across the globe.  Uni-Prop has the benefit of patent granted status in a number of territories including the UK, USA, Australia and Chile.  

The galvanised finish makes it incredibly attractive to the hire market; where the rust-proof finish will keep the product looking as good as new for much longer and maintenance issues are all but eliminated. An additional benefit for large hire operations is that the Uni-Prop Acrow can be corporate branded – a value-added bonus that increases brand awareness and makes the product easily identifiable on site.

Uni-Prop is available to hire or buy (from £39 +VAT) across the UK and other countries. An online explainer video can be seen at: https://youtu.be/vTcLK3mRDb4 

Managing director, David Marr commented, “Although we’ve supplied powder coated product up until recently, galvanising the Uni-Prop Acrow is a progressive move that we truly believe is right for our market. A small price increase is far outweighed by the benefits and just maybe the days of rusty old manual-only props are numbered.”

For more information, visit www.uni-prop.com