Training register announced

09 July 2019

Safety & Health Expo 2019 will see the launch of the latest product from Hands HQ. The company believes its new Training Register is set to transform how safety managers in high-risk industries maintain the training competencies of personnel.

Training Register will allow companies to automate the training compliance check for each person when added to a project.  It will provide a dashboard overview of training, making it simple to identify exactly what to do to remain compliant.

Safety managers have long struggled with overseeing the competencies of employees and projects. Hours are lost to cross-checking files, expiry dates and certificates. There's constant uncertainty around whether people have the right skills to undertake work.

Training Register will remove that uncertainty. Hands HQ says it will deliver previously unattainable confidence that a team is compliant. Safety managers will be able to see the status of each person's training in one central location, which qualifications they have, upcoming expiry dates, and copies of any certifications. Documents will be easy to store and retrieve, making auditing and presenting evidence simple.

Training Register simplifies training for safety managers; and together with the RAMS App from HANDS HQ, delivers an effortless safe system of work. Safety & Health Expo stand SH2020.