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Peli eases burden for first responders

28 August 2019

The new Peli Air 1465EMS Case is expected to appeal to first responders for whom every second counts.

“Emergency response professionals have a split second to grab their gear and go,” says Pavel Levshin, product marketing manager EMEA. “We worked directly with those same professionals in the field to develop the extremely lightweight Peli Air 1465EMS case so they can arrive on the scene confident that the medications are in working order and ready to save lives.”

Easily washed and sterilised, the case is engineered with a next generation Peli Air polymer construction that is up to 40% lighter than standard Peli Protector Case brand cases yet still stands up to the harshest conditions on earth. 

The Peli Air 1465EMS Case features a new three-tier, customisable, pull out tray system with reinforced stainless-steel brackets. Available in orange only, standard features include press and pull latches that have been tested to survive great pressure but open easily, and a lid equipped with a polymer O-ring for a dust and water-resistant (IP66) seal. It also boasts a lockable tray section for secure controlled substance storage, a removable rugged ID card holder, external sharps bin holder and a shoulder carry strap.

To ensure stability, the case lid opens 180 degrees to form a wide base when it’s being used. For added security, the top tray and case lid work together as a seal to prevent tray compartment contents from spilling out into the case while it’s being transported. The Peli Air 1465EMS Case features an integrated automatic pressure equalisation valve that keeps moisture out and prevents vacuum lock, ensuring the case is easier to open at any altitude. An over-moulded rubberised grip top carry handle is standard with wide handles on either side. 

Also available in black only for general protection needs is the Peli Air 1465 Case with or without standard Pick N Pluck foam. Both the Peli Air 1465EMS Case and the Peli Air 1465 Case are backed by the Peli Products 'Legendary Guarantee of Excellence'.

For more information, visit: https://www.peli.com