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What do you need to do after a fire risk assessment?

03 November 2021

DURING FIRE risk assessments, risks and hazards are often found. Fire safety solutions need putting in place to solve these issues; here’s what you need to know.

You will find a lot of guidance for fire risk assessments; how and when they should be carried out. But, what exactly needs to be done after the assessment is completed? There are legal requirements, including making sure you record your findings in a physical document. Quite often, fire safety issues are brought to attention during risk assessments. Sometimes, the hazards can be managed by whoever is responsible for fire safety in the building. Still, there are times where professional help is required- such as fire door inspections and repairs. Let’s discuss what you need to do after your risk assessment has been completed:

Are Fire Risk Assessments Important?

The answer is yes; they are crucial to ensuring your fire safety is up to scratch. The purpose is to assess a building’s level of fire risk, find any hazards, and then put solutions in place to reduce the risk. The responsible person must record the findings in a physical document and then prepare a plan!

Fire risk assessments ensure properties are protected from fire as much as is possible for the individual circumstances. It’s a massive part of ensuring premises and staff are kept safe. The result is that everything possible is completed, reducing the risk of fire damage.

You Must Make Sure Your Findings Are Written Down

Writing down your fire risk assessment (if your premises regularly hosts five or more people) is a legal requirement. If you have less than five employees, it is still highly recommended to write down your findings. Whatever the size of your business, writing your assessment down means it’s a lot easier to monitor everything.

But, there are a few circumstances where, legally, your risk assessment must be written down, even if you have less than five employees;

●  Your premises needs a license.

●  The fire department has told you to do so.

Do not leave any details out. You must also make suitable recommendations to solve risks found, then ensure you act on these findings. Completing a fire risk assessment will not keep your building safe if you don’t make the changes required! This is your opportunity to solve problems before they become worse and potentially cause fires.

You Can Be Fined For Not Actioning Your Fire Risk Assessment

Not taking action and failing to solve the hazards found could leave you with a hefty fine or even a prison sentence. The penalties don’t end here; you could also face problems with your insurance if you fail to complete your fire risk assessment. Often, insurance companies will not pay to cover damage from fires if appropriate solutions aren’t in place. Do not put off completing your assessment for fear of the cost. It could cost you a lot more in the long run and lead to more severe consequences.

Get In Touch With a Professional For Guidance

Often, risks are found during fire risk assessments that need to be removed or managed. This could include fire door repairs, bulky waste collection, and fire alarm servicing. Fire safety technicians can also help carry out your fire risk assessment!

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