Soluva UVC provides Covid protection in Cambridge factory

30 June 2021

SOLUVA AIR disinfection units are helping to provide protection from Covid-19 for employees of Heraeus Noblelight at its factory on the Cambridge Science Park.

The units have been installed in the company's office and works canteens and, complemented by the observation of social distancing, hand washing and mask wearing, they help make the working environment even safer.

The Cambridge facility employs over 100 people manufacturing photonics-based solutions. The company is recognised as a market and technology worldwide leader for systems and lamps, with wavelengths from ultraviolet to infrared for industrial, scientific, and medical applications.

As corona virus lockdown restrictions lift begin to lift in the UK and employees return to the workplace, it was decided to further enhance Covid protection measures at the Cambridge facility.

Consequently two, wall-mounted SoluvaÒ Air W air disinfection units have been installed in the factory and office canteens.Viruses, bacteria, and other microorganisms spread through tiny water droplets in the air, so-called aerosols. They can survive there for a long time and are transmitted from host to host. The risk is particularly high where there are rooms with many people or high traffic.

Soluva Air W devices destroy the corona virus, its mutations, and additional viruses (including cold and ‘flu pathogens) by utilising UV-C light. UV-C light easily inactivates the SARS-Cov-2 virus and its mutations, because they have a very thin lipid (fat) layer which easily allows the light to penetrate and neutralise the virus immediately. The SARS-CoV-S viruses, its mutations and additional viruses are destroyed by 99% and has been tested under real conditions at the German renowned Fraunhofer Institute for Building Physics. 

Debbie Playle, managing director for Heraeus Noblelight (Cambs, UK), comments: "The UK has done a phenomenal job with the COVID-19 vaccination programme. The roadmap to move the UK out of restrictions is progressing well and our next step is to manage bringing our staff back into the workplace safely. I believe our duty of care to our staff extends beyond observing the usual Covid-secure rules, in addition to carrying out our usual hygiene practices. I am delighted to have been able to be in a position to install as a ‘belt and braces' approach the Soluva Air W devices in our canteens. This will help us to mitigate the impact of the inevitable third wave that is anticipated along with the expected winter season of colds and ‘flu."

Dorian Franklin, lamp assembler at Heraeus Noblelight (Cambs, UK), remarks: "It is still really important to adhere to social distancing, hand washing and wearing a mask, but it is great to see proven technology that we sell being used to help protect us whilst we work."

The Heraeus Soluva family of UV products provides air-disinfection in modules, which can be ceiling-or wall-mounted or fitted within ventilation and air-conditioning systems for rooms or laboratories and for buses and trains. Surface disinfection systems are also offered as hand-held units or as chambers for the disinfection of masks, phones etc.

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