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Removals company launches workplace safety initiative

16 August 2023

SPECIALIST REMOVALS service Johnsons 1871 has launched a new initiative to reduce accidents and promote workforce safety.

The ‘Think Safe – Work Safe’ campaign encourages all staff to adopt a health and safety mindset when conducting any work activities.

And in return for embracing the campaign they’ll be rewarded for reporting any concerns to their supervisors.

Stuart Williams, Johnsons 1871 QSHE director says, “Sometimes accidents just happen. But sometimes, accidents happen because individuals risk their own health and safety or that of others by doing things they shouldn’t.

“One example of this might be not ensuring that they’re wearing the correct PPE before beginning work on a job or entering an area where there’s danger of injury. Improper lifting, walking off the designated pedestrian walkways, or not using safety equipment can also cause problems.

“Unsafe working conditions – such as debris and litter on floors, electrical leads that have been laid in walkways, and working in poorly lit for poorly ventilated areas – are high risk for accidents.”

Stuart adds: “We’re encouraging everyone to take responsibility and intervene to prevent accidents. The message is extremely simple – if they don’t think it’s safe, they shouldn’t do it!”

Johnsons 1871 has provided turnkey solutions to customers for over 150 years. Service offering include Business Moves, Laboratory Logistics, Installation, Project Management and Hygiene & Clean.

The company has bases in Cambridge, Chichester, Croydon, Derby, Northwich, Wigan, and Winsford.