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Multipurpose energy-return footwear from U-Power

09 December 2019

Italian safety shoe manufacturer, U-Power, has further developed its concept of energy-return footwear to launch the multipurpose, Red-Up Plus.

Whether you work at a fixed workstation, walk a fair distance, or move around dynamically as part of your job, the Red-Up Plus provides all the energy return of the original Red-Up, while enhancing performance, comfort and balance further with a new anti-fatigue insert in the heel of the shoe.

The footwear is made from High Rebound Elastopan, a new material from BASF.  U-Power says the insert uses the same material as used in anti-fatigue matting, giving the wearer the equivalent of their own personal anti-fatigue mat.

The shoe stimulates the foot to continually revitalise blood circulation and energy through the legs and feet, so eases fatigue and positively affects the whole body, relieving neck, back, leg and joint pain and providing exceptional comfort. The Red-Up Plus absorbs stress on the body and ensures a return of over 40% of energy to the wearer over the entire surface of the foot.

Although they look like the latest trainers, the stylish and flexible super-lightweight Red-Up Plus shoes hide a multitude of protective and safety features, such as an aluminium safety toe cap, a non-metal pierce-resistant midsole, a honeycombed lining for breathability, and very high slip resistance, far exceeding European Standard EN 345.

All Red-Up Plus shoes are suitable for ESD environments, and feature as standard antibacterial, anti-shock and extremely breathable memory gel insoles, which mould to the shape of the foot, improving weight distribution and relieving pressure points.

Several of the 18 different available models of Red-Up Plus are also incredibly resistant to scratches and abrasion, featuring cutting-edge Hypertex Putek technology on the uppers, a breathable and water-repellent material that is said to be 20 times more abrasion-resistant than traditional materials. 

U-Power’s Managing Director, Stuart Thorne, says: “The Red-Up Plus is suitable for any kind of working environment. It provides the wearer with a high level of both walking and standing comfort, lightness, breathability and protection on any surface, including hard floors. 

“The Red-Up Plus is one of the most comfortable shoes you’ll ever put on your feet. It returns so much energy that you will feel a sense of total wellbeing. With a choice of 18 different styles and colours, there is a Red-Up Plus to suit everyone.”