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Recycling identification initiative

16 May 2019

Recognising that consumers want to recycle plastic packaging, but often don’t know the types that are suitable, Bell Packaging has introduced a new initiative for its Retran range.

Retran was introduced in 2018 with a minimum recycled content of 70% which comes from post-consumer waste.

Peter Lennie, MD, says: “We have been absolutely delighted with the take up by Bell customers for Retran. With no reduction in strength the new film has excellent optical clarity and the switch from the original Virgin PET formulation to the recycled version has been easy”.

There is said to be no impact on cost, and the performance of the film in assembly is equal to normal production. An added advantage of Retran is that it is suitable for kerbside collection and is 100% recyclable.

Bell says discussions with major customers and High Street retailers confirms that the way forward for plastic packaging is to recycle wherever possible, but that many consumers don’t know which packaging can be recycled.

The proposed streamlining on the types of plastic available is supported by Bell. To ensure that the packaging supplied by the company is easily identified Bell has introduced a number of initiatives, detailed as follows:

Retran tubing: To help the end customers identify the recycling nature of this product all Retran products can be embossed with a recyclable logo.

Retran folding boxes: Containing a minimum 70% recycled content these boxes are easy to assemble and have excellent optical qualities.  Here again we recommend that any new designs of box are identified using a recyclable logo.

Inserts: Made using 100% recycled PET all new designs of formed insert will incorporate the recycled PET logo.

End caps: These are made using various polymers depending on the application. Bell’s production is investing in new machinery to enable identification of each component using the appropriate recycled logo.