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RRC offers NEBOSH diploma in Dubai

05 June 2019

To meet the rapidly growing demand for high level Environmental Management training in the Middle East; RRC are now offering the NEBOSH International Diploma in Environmental Management course, as a classroom course within their Dubai schedule.

The RRC Online version of the course has been successfully delivered since its introduction by NEBOSH in 2017, to students worldwide. 

The NEBOSH Diploma in International Environmental Management is a highly esteemed qualification for environmental practitioners and safety professionals looking to expand their knowledge and competence. The course provides specialist knowledge on Environmental Management systems and key environmental topics such as: sustainability, energy use and waste management.

This three week course commences in September, with 4 weeks gap between each of the teaching sessions, enabling students to reinforce their learning actively in their workplaces. The course has been structured so those who want to achieve the NEBOSH Environmental Certificate along with the diploma can do so. And those who have already achieved the NEBOSH Environmental Certificate can be exempted from the first week. 

Gary Fallaize, RRC’s Managing Director commented: ‘’the environment and the problems surrounding it are very high profile right now. The state of the environment has now officially been declared a public emergency. Environmental issues are widespread, and attitudes towards this are gradually changing due to influence from pressure groups - there would be no better time than now to launch this course in the Middle East!’’

For further information, e-mail: info@rrc.co.uk