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One year down the line for ISO 45001:2018

23 May 2019

The Occupational Health & Safety standard, ISO 45001:2018 was published in March 2018; it marked the start of a three-year migration period.

Organisations looking to move over to the new standard from OHSAS 18001 will need to make changes to their current management system before March 2021.

One year down

We’ve recently passed the one year anniversary (12thMarch) and it’s surprising how quickly it’s flown by. There are now only two years left to migrate and all organisations aiming to implement the new standard should start the process now!

Over the last 18 months NQA has produced a range of information about the standard which is now aligned with other ISO standards through the Annex SL structure, including a number of webinars and workshops. NQA has also created documents and videos to help companies compare their existing system against the old version to assist in the identification of changes required.

Hopefully by now you will have started your journey to migrate before the March 2021 deadline but take a look at our tips below to help you progress efficiently:

  • Familiarise yourself with the migration timeline and when you need to act by
  • Purchase a copy of the standard and understand its requirements 
  • Download our GAP ANALYSIS document which will highlight the changes
  • Download our IMPLEMENTATION GUIDE to help you put it into place
  • Watch our videos discussing the clauses and differences between standards
  • Take a look through FAQs and our handy blogs which go into more depth
  • Discounted ISO 45001 Training for HSM readers – 15% off if booked before 30thApril
  • Ask us about bringing a consultant on board to aid you from start to finish

To get your free copies of the documents above please visit www.nqa.com, email info@nqa.com or call 0800 052 2424.