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Fitness chain chooses multi-use extinguisher

12 March 2019

PureGym has chosen the multi-use composite P50 extinguisher from Britannia Fire to protect its 200-plus gyms.

Eliminating the process of organising external servicing was a driving force behind the decision to swap metal extinguishers for the P50 which can be maintained in-house by trained staff, delivering cost savings. The fact that fewer P50 units were needed to replace metal extinguishers was also a big appeal.

PureGym’s head of risk Malcolm Shevlin discovered the P50 and its special features at a presentation by a fire and rescue service: “On average we are installing half the number of P50 extinguishers compared to the old metal ones in our new sites or existing sites going through renewals of extinguishers.

In addition to the installations at PureGym, a programme is underway to fit P50s across Heathrow Airport’s terminals.

Heathrow chose the fire extinguisher because it fitted with its sustainability strategy.

Sales of P50 are growing at 45% this year, with three shifts running at the company's Norfolk factory and further growth predicted.

Britannia Fire’s sales director Andy Spence says: “The P50’s innovation and technology is in line with what the modern world demands. It is made in the UK. PureGym highlighted the in-house maintenance as the most important factor. For Heathrow, it was sustainability to help its strategy to lower its carbon footprint.

“P50s are also in emergency vehicles, including ambulances. The P50s were chosen for emergency vehicles to keep vehicles on the road. Servicing means emergency vehicles have to be taken out of action.

“For our marine and offshore market, it is the P50’s lack of corrosion that is a real sales trigger, as well as cutting the servicing offshore.”