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Jackson Safety empowers skilled labour in Europe

08 April 2021

WELDERS ARE at the highest risk for exposure to welding gases and fumes that can cause both short-terms and long-term health effects.

The UK Health and Safety Executive (HSE) recently listed welding fumes as carcinogenic and is strengthening its enforcement to reduce its exposure to workers in the industry.

Protection from any airborne hazard is vital for the safety and productivity of professional workers on every job site. Jackson Safety has a long history of delivering innovative safety solutions and personal protective equipment for welding, construction, industrial and automotive markets. When it comes to providing long-lasting value, durability and comfort, Jackson Safety has set the standard.

Nurturing its passion for worker safety, the company has introduced a full range of PAPR systems that protects workers from the respiratory dangers of welding fumes, contaminated air, and heat stress without sacrificing visibility and comfort. It offers only TH3 rated PAPR systems that are 99.8% effective at removing target airborne hazards, ensuring highest worker protection. The Jackson Safety Airmax+ Blower System is both effective and easy to use, and can be set up for multiple applications with IP54 ratings. Its wide range of welding and soft hood headtops combined with the Airmax+ systems offer protection in various environments.

Awareness is the first step in controlling hazards. Therefore, investing in the right personal protective equipment creates a healthier, safer and more productive workplace.

For more product information, please visit www.jacksonsafety.eu.