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JSP launches a series of online Webinars

03 December 2021

JSP IS launching a series of online Webinars designed to help you make a more informed choice about your selection of PPE. Learn about the latest legislation with advice direct from UK’s leading ‘above the neck’ PPE manufacturer.

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The next JSP webinar on 20 January, 2022 at 10.00-11.00am is dedicated to raising awareness about the importance of RPE. With around 12,000 deaths reported by HSE in the UK each year attributed to occupational respiratory diseases, including lung disease and cancer, we should take care to look after ourselves and others to combat these illnesses. 

Our Respiratory Protection Seminar looks at how to protect yourself and your workforce from the dangers of airborne hazards, such as Silica dust. We will advise on how to select the right respirator and how to wear it correctly. Attendees can also expect to see live respiratory demonstrations, as well as receiving information on face fit testing.

We will also be addressing how the COVID-19 pandemic has changed the landscape of RPE selection, addressing some of the inadequate options currently available and in use in the marketplace.

Sign up at https://jspsafety.info/JanWebinar. All attendees will receive a certificate of attendance (emailed after event) as well as an increased knowledge of RPE and construction dust.