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IIRSM launches risk management competence framework

25 October 2019

IIRSM’S NEW risk management and leadership competence framework is just the tool to help people and organisations create and protect value, improve influence, enhance their reputation and challenge their risk capability. Today, more than ever, risk management is key to growth and survival.

We believe that risk management should be part of everyone’s responsibilities, as we all make decisions that involve an element of risk. We also believe to be competent to manage risk you need the right balance of technical, business and more importantly, behavioural competences. 

Great work can only happen with great members, partners and volunteers. IIRSM thanks its extensive and diverse risk, safety and business network for providing their time and invaluable insights over the last 18 months to help produce this framework.

Dean Hughes, head of risk advisory & analytics, Barnett Waddingham LLP states, “At Barnett Waddingham, in addition to using our proprietary competency frameworks for personal development plans, we have adapted the IIRSM framework to help us identify and prioritise training opportunities specific to risk management within our Risk Advisory & Analytics team. It was a genuine time saver and made me think of areas I may have otherwise missed.”

Andy Hawkes, IIRSM president states, “We believe our new framework will be a really useful tool and benchmark for both people and organisations to help improve their risk-based decision-making providing clarity, real business insights and assurance at every level of an organisation. The framework presents competences in a generic way so they can be easily interpreted and applied to different jobs, specialisms and geographical locations. We are delighted at the positive feedback we have already received prior to its publication.”

The framework can be downloaded for free at www.iirsm.org/competency