Versatile gas detection

04 December 2023

GASES ARE used in many areas of application and process steps of the semiconductor and chemical industries. This results in a wide variety of associated requirements for measuring methods, sensors, measuring ranges and communication.

The D-ReX was developed with the aim of meeting as many of these as possible while reliably and economically increasing safety in the manufacturing process.‚Äč 


If you need to measure gases in ambient air, the D-ReX PoU (Point of Use) is a great choice. It comes with a sensor cassette equipped with a smart sensor that is ready for use immediately. The measured gas is detected using the diffusion method. Five optional relays are available to let you control safety measures. The D-ReX displays all status messages on its large color display. Vital system statuses are also permanently indicated by colored LEDs. Transmission of the measured values and other information, network integration and power supply can all be implemented at once using the Power over Ethernet interface. Alternatively, the D-ReX can also be integrated into 4–20 mA, Modbus infrastructures. The GfG Android app ensures quick and easy servicing via Bluetooth.


The D-ReX PoI (Point of Installation), just like the other D-ReX models, is incredibly versatile regarding its communication options as they include Bluetooth for service using the app as well as Power over Ethernet. Its user-friendly interface features a large, high-res display, five buttons and colored LEDs. Like the PoU model, the D-ReX PoI also uses diffusion to measure gases, but its remote sensor is located up to 30 meters away – at the location you need to monitor – for this process. The sensor cassette can either be mounted on the wall or ceiling with an adapter plate or directly onto a pipe using a saddle to monitor a specific gas inside. As with the other D-ReX variants, the smart sensors are in quick-change sensor cassettes and do not need to be calibrated after replacement, thus keeping maintenance efforts at a minimum.


If you need to monitor a gas within a closed system, in a hard to-reach location, or an area that should not be entered, you should consider using the D-ReX PoS (Point of Sampling). Its powerful integrated pump was developed to be both easy to maintain and environmentally friendly: in case of wear and tear, only its mechanical components need to be replaced. The target gas is drawn in across a distance of up to 30 metres, measured by the sensor inside the D-ReX and then released – for example back into the pipeline from which it was taken. With the optional Line Integrity Monitoring, the suction hose is constantly monitored for potential damage. In addition to its integrated pump and the different measuring method, the D-ReX PoS has the same modern technical features and options as the other devices in the D-ReX series.


The Py-ReX pyrolyzer was specially developed for the D-ReX PoS. It increases the total number of gases which can be monitored by those that are either too toxic or too chemically inactive to be measured directly. A heated filament located in a glass tube dissolves the target gas into one that can be measured. This process is called pyrolysis. The actual measurement of the sample gas then takes place in the connected D-ReX PoS, where the concentration of target gas is calculated from the measured values. As the Py-ReX works without radioactive components, you will not have to worry about the usual drawbacks of pyrolyzers using the α-radiation absorption method (e.g., precautions during use, storage, transport and disposal).

Discover a new solution for detecting gases in semiconductor manufacturing, the chemical industry and many other industries.

Choose the D-ReX gas detection series for

  • Detecting gases in diffusion mode at the Point of Use (PoU)
  • Monitoring gases at the Point of Installation (PoI) from up to 30 meters away using a remote sensor
  • Extracting gases from the Point of Sampling (PoS) using an integrated pump (optional: Py-ReX for gases that need a pyrolyzer)
  • Saving time and money on service with our smart, pre-calibrated sensors
  • Easy integration into existing infrastructures - from 4–20 mA to Power over Ethernet

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