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Controlled slower forklift speed

10 October 2021

TRANSMON ENGINEERING was approached by Linde Materials Handling to provide a solution at one of its customers, to ensure forklift trucks could operate at a safer, slower speed around pedestrians.

Somerset-based AJ & RG Barber’s onsite dairy manufactures up to 85 tonnes of cheese every day. Once produced, the cheese blocks are then moved to bulk storage for maturation at a controlled temperature in the stores for up to two years.

Within the central hub of the store is the de-boxing unit where the cheese blocks are removed from their maturation boxes ready to be pre-packed into retail portions or distributed directly to customer. Some customer orders are transported into chilled stores before dispatch. The de-boxing area also houses a manual picking area, keeping pedestrians in one area to enhance safety.

The central hub is an area that has four access-points for FLTs to enter. Pedestrians work in proximity with forklift truck movements in this area and Barber’s wanted to find a solution that would ensure a controlled slower speed could be applied across their fleet of seven Linde trucks. The fleet is used for a variety of operational tasks such as dairy stacking and handing goods-in and all would need to be fitted with a speed-control solution. Transmon visited the site alongside Linde to explain the Transmon Speed Safety Zone system to the customer, which they found to be the ideal solution for their immediate needs.

The Transmon iTEch Speed Safety Zone system enhances safety by restricting forklift travel speeds in designated areas whilst keeping productivity at a maximum. Each entry and exit point to the designated area has a fixed transmitter, with a receiver installed on the trucks which is triggered as it passes the transmitter. When the trucks enter the dedicated zoned area, the system automatically switches to controlled operation, to ensure the slower, safer speed is maintained. On leaving the controlled area, the restrictions are released and the forklifts are able to travel at normal speed in the areas not usually accessed by pedestrians.

As part of a collaborative installation process, the entrance modules around the designated area were fitted by the Transmon engineers, and the trucks were each fitted with the zone control modules by Transmon, assisted by Linde engineers who provided the interface to the truck.

Barber’s warehouse & production manager Barry Maynard, says: “Over the last 2 years, we have focussed on improving our H&S culture across the business. It is widely recognised that Workplace Transport (WT) is a key safety issue to be managed in any warehouse operation. We are extremely lucky in that we have a very experienced workforce with up to 43 years’ service. However, we recognised the need for a solution to restrict speed and thus reduce risk in areas where pedestrians and vehicles work in close proximity was an essential requirement.

“The solution offered by Transmon Engineering enabled an immediate reduction in risk and will support the other WT initiatives, such as H&S training for drivers and investment in the building infrastructure to separate pedestrians from the areas where FLT & HGV vehicles are working. I would highly recommend working with the Transmon team, who made the installation process work smoothly by collaborating directly with Linde and our engineers to implement an excellent solution.”

For more information, visit www.transmon.co.uk