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CFTS extends training nationwide

08 December 2020

CFTS has appointed a new training manager to ensure that members across the country have access to accredited, in-depth training courses.

Kevin Michel recently joined the organisation and will be providing on-site Thorough Examination, Thorough Examination Revalidation, and Thorough Examination Manager courses to members mainly located in the north of England, as well as those in Ireland and Scotland.

CFTS Thorough Examination training is primarily conducted at the F-TEC centre in Swindon, where courses will continue to run. But for those based further afield or who cannot access the centre, Kevin will provide supplementary training support. 

“I’m looking forward to meeting CFTS members and providing Thorough Examination training,” said Kevin. “I’ve travelled the world working as a mechanic and engineer, but I found I really enjoy teaching. I worked at Hinckley College teaching apprenticeships before I became a Director at the F-TEC training centre where I taught all kinds of work equipment courses. Thorough Examinations are a crucial part of truck maintenance and it’s important that engineers have the skills and knowledge to conduct them with confidence.”

CFTS chairman Geoff Martin said: “We are glad to have Kevin on board as our new dedicated training manager. CFTS is the body behind the national standard for Thorough Examinations, so it is essential that all of our members receive the highest calibre of training no matter where they are.

“We want to make training as easy as possible. By providing engineers with more local training opportunities, in conjunction with the dedicated training centre at F-TEC, we hope that more service providers will be encouraged to join the ever-growing CFTS network.”

To find out more about CFTS Thorough Examinations, please visit www.thoroughexamination.org