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Watch for knock-on effects

21 June 2022

CFTS CHAIRMAN Geoff Martin says companies need to be aware of the knock-on effects of an accident.

“Whether you’re running stackers, reach trucks, counterbalance trucks, or any other piece of lifting equipment in your warehouse, they’re all vital parts of the day-to-day operation,” he said.

“So, when something has a fault or is involved in an accident, it’s rarely a self-contained event without wider impact. There will almost always be further effects beyond the specific accident itself.

“You could be left without the equipment for a while, causing lost productivity or delays to deliveries. It could lead to the expense of replacing the equipment — either on a short-term basis or altogether. There’s the cost of dropped stock that must be cleared away and replaced. There could be damage to racking or the warehouse environment that necessitates closing off an area for repairs.”

With an unchecked truck doing high-intensity work, owners run the risk of countless mechanical faults: brakes might fail, hydraulics could lose pressure, steering could be out of alignment, chains may have an overlooked weak point. The wider effects of equipment failure can all lead to an impact on the company’s bottom line. These risks would be caught in a CFTS Thorough Examination.

For more information, please visit thoroughexamination.org