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Kentec launches advanced management tool for fire detection

11 December 2019

Kentec has launched an advanced management tool for fire detection that enables integrators and service companies to remotely access and manage their fire safety system.

VR Nimbus allows users to gain access to data from all fire-safety systems to assess performance and make fact-based decisions using the latest analytical technologies. It also runs fire detection tests and documents events in real time to the Nimbus cloud to achieve the latest status reports.

The new technology provides an in-depth event log which extends beyond that of the fire panel itself; events can be easily filtered to view specific event types and within specific date and time ranges. Notifications detailing the event action, associated control panel descriptive labels and protocol data can be sent to any number of recipients.

Kevin Swann, Managing Director of Kentec, says that VR Nimbus offers a number of key benefits: “Using the latest communications and analytical technologies, VR Nimbus can help reduce costs, false alarms and call outs and improve service integrity for service providers, building owners and facilities managers.”

VR Nimbus is a non-intrusive add-on to Kentec’s Taktis or Syncro addressable fire system meaning installation and connection can be completed in minutes. Managers can administer their account and add/edit the number of clients, sites and users on the system. Electronic files can be attached and stored, making VR NImbus a suitable location for storing fire risk assessments, certifications and site plans – therefore simplifying audit inspections.

The system also comes with three possible phone applications for both iPhone and Android, using the Nimbus cloud, delivering fire alarm notifications until the alerts are cleared. Android users can also use Nimbus Weekly Test, which provides users with notifications and reminders for pending weekly fire alarm tests; and Nimbus Engineer, an App that enables engineers to record notes whilst testing.