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Are you ready to be compliant?

04 March 2019

From 21st April 2019 all hearing protection products used in the workplace must comply with the new Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Regulation (EU)2016/425.

Specialising in custom-made hearing protection and communication solutions since 1994, ACS is one of the first UK companies to achieve compliance to the new regulation and is ready to serve the market beyond April 2019. ACS has become a trusted provider of hearing protection products to a diverse range of industrial sectors across the world. 

All ACS custom fit hearing protectors areproducedutilising the very latest 3D digital manufacturing technologies and are fully certified toEN 352-2 and EN352-6 and PPE regulation (EU)2016/425. 

ACS PRO Series hearing protectors are suitable for a wide range of working environments. Providing a superior custom fit and manufactured from soft medical grade silicone, they offer all day comfort with guaranteed levels of protection. The range of interchangeable ACS filters offer a choice of 6 SNR’s between 15dB and 28dB which ensures the correct amount of sound reduction can be achieved in any environment. Communicating safely, hearing warning signals and alarms without causing muffling and allowing ears to breathe are also key advantages of using ACS products. 

ACS offer a variety of services that will benefit your company: -

  • Free consultation on the best hearing protection solutions

  • Guidance on cost saving and reduction of environmental waste

  • On-site ear fitting for custom hearing protection equipment

  • On-site hearing protection seal integrity and acoustic leakage testing

  • On-siteWorkScreenaudiometric hearing tests

  • Support from a dedicated national customer service team

Find out what your cost saving could be on certified and compliant hearing protection by contacting ACS at:


01295 266665