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Door maintains hygiene levels

13 December 2017

Union Industries is helping to keep operations tightly closed with a new High-Speed Bulldoor in Plastic Closures Ltd’s warehouse.

The Warrington-based company is a high-quality supplier of plastic caps, closures and components throughout the UK, Ireland and Europe. The company required an efficient door to maintain hygiene levels as their products are used in food and pharmaceutical industries.

Union’s Bulldoor, which has been mounted internally behind an existing security door, is activated by a radio control system on the fork lift truck, enabling quick and easy access for employees.

As Plastic Closures maintain a constant temperature on their shopfloor, ventilation was essential, especially when the door was shut. As a result, the door has been specially designed with a ventilated mesh panel in place of the standard PVC vision panel, which allows fresh air to come through whilst maintaining a hygienic working environment.

John Hargreaves, manufacturing director at Plastic Closures said: “Union Industries’ Bulldoor has helped us to streamline our operations by allowing us to gain easy access in and out of the building, without compromising a hygienic environment and suitable temperature."