Safety light barriers

28 November 2017

The new safety light barriers and safety light grids in the SLC/SLG 240 COM range from Schmersal offer all sorts of practical functions and are therefore suitable for a wide range of applications. For applications with a small safety clearance to the risk area, a 14 mm resolution has been added to the range. 

The built-in beam concealer for fixed and stationary objects in the protection area enables safe yet seamless processing of production. This means that parts of the protected area are concealed without triggering a stop signal, so moving objects such as workpieces can be fed in or a transport belt can be positioned with a fixed position in the protected area. The sensor pairs can also be connected in series, so that machines can be secured with shut-off devices from various sides.

For the first time, this product range comes with a user-friendly optical setup guide which displays signal values while the safety system is operating. It is said to be a time-saving solution as the user no longer needs to switch to set-up mode for optimum configuration of the sensors. If, for example, the sensors on the light grids get dirty and the signal strength is weakened as a result, an optical warning is triggered so that corrective measures can be taken promptly. This means malfunctions can be corrected early and unplanned system downtime avoided.