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Food safety tips

16 August 2017

On 18th July 2017, Dr. Ruth Petran, VP food safety and public health, explained to the audience of an Ecolab Food Safety webinar the factors contributing to foodborne illness, potential impact on brand and the key components of a strong food safety programme to keep staff and customers safe.

Here are ten tips, as outlined in the webinar, for a strong food safety programme:

Clean Environments

  • Make sure hand washing stations are visible, easily accessible and fully stocked 
  • Establish regular cleaning protocols for food contact surfaces AND non-food contact surfaces

Safe Food

  • With your suppliers, establish a protocol for inspection of all food deliveries 
  • In food preparation areas, establish procedures for surfaces, equipment, utensils and provide guidelines/ equipment for proper hygiene and cooking temperatures
  • Set proper procedures for food storage by refrigerator and storage areas

Visibility and Compliance

  • Establish a relationship with local public health officials and utilise health inspections and voluntary third party assessments to set best practices for your operation
  • Conduct regular daily, monthly and quarterly assessments to track progress and identify opportunities for improvement
  • Stay connected with your network to remain informed of the latest in food safety issues and regulations

Training & Awareness

  • Establish rigorous food safety on-boarding training for new hires and follow up with continuous education and visibility for all staff
  • Post signage in appropriate areas to keep best practices top of mind

The entire series of Ecolab’s Public Health and Food Safety Matters webinars is available to watch online on http://en-uk.ecolab.com/pages/inst-eu-webinar-series/