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Trampoline centre reach new heights in safety

19 September 2016

The design and building company behind Wales’ biggest trampoline arena needed to provide a bespoke mains lighting, emergency lighting and fire alarm solution. With aesthetics, comfort and energy efficiency crucial considerations, the company needed to reach new heights in safety.

Black Circle Design, principal contractor and designer for the Go Air Trampoline Park in Cardiff, opted for an Eaton mains lighting solution that would enhance the aesthetic appeal and comfort of the interior while maximising energy efficiency. The power management company also delivered an emergency lighting scheme and fire alarm system to help the site owners meet their commitment to protecting the safety of staff and visitors, as well as guarding the fabric of the building and its assets.

The Go Air Trampoline Park in Cardiff was successfully completed within a demanding seven-week deadline. The 7,315m2 venue, formerly a warehouse, was extensively renovated and now houses 120 trampolines, six supersize foam pits and a dodge ball court. 

Eaton specialists visited the warehouse at the outset to develop a mains lighting scheme in conjunction with the client’s design team. Eaton then produced and delivered 45 of its class-leading Linergy LEDs, which offer high energy-saving performance and flexibility for large, multi-use buildings.

Eaton also recommended a separate emergency lighting scheme for the trampoline park, which took full advantage of Eaton’s innovative Alfalux Highbay LEDs. Working in partnership with Black Circle Design, Eaton designed the fire alarm solution and supplied its recently launched two-wire fire system, BiWire Ultra. Unlike standard conventional systems, BiWire Ultra allows detectors, sounders and EN54-23 approved visual alarm devices (VADs) to all share the same zone wiring, which can reduce cabling and labour costs.

Lisa Entwistle-Evans, marketing director at Go Air, said: “The health and safety of our staff, customers and the premises is our main priority and Eaton’s fire alarm system and lighting solutions have been important in ensuring Wales’ biggest trampoline park has the protection it needs.”