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Free Hand Arm Vibration training

26 June 2015

Simon Bull, a leading professional in the subject of Hand Arm Vibration, has presented a 1 hour webinar on Hand Arm Vibration in the workplace.

Castle Group has made this HAVS Webinar available as a free download from its website. The purpose of the webinar is to enable viewers to start tackling HAVS in the workplace and ensure that employees are protected from vibration exposure injuries, and organisations are protected from injury claims and fines.

Simon Bull says: "The webinar is ideal for anyone who is relatively new to HAVS, and will equally act as a refresher session to those who already deal with HAVS in the workplace. The webinar training is absolutely free of charge, just simply go to www.castlegroup.co.uk and click Hand Arm Vibration Webinar, Download Now.”

As one of the UK’s leading organisations in Hand Arm Vibration, Castle Group Ltd have been helping businesses for the last 15 years with advice, training and instrumentation. With an estimated 2 million people still at risk from Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome, Castle’s HAVS Webinar is a positive first step towards reducing these risks.

To download the webinar go to www.castlegroup.co.uk/hand-arm-vibration-1-hour-webinar/