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Skipper specialise in safety barrier systems and accessories for indoors and outdoors, including waste and safety management recycle binsdispensers and hand sanitiser brackets. Improve safety, increase operational efficiency and reduce manual handling exposure with Skipper. Each Skipper unit holds a high visibility retractable barrier tape that's expandable up to 9 meters (30 feet). It's perfect for sectors such as traffic management, events, facilities management, logistics, utilities and many more. It clicks on top of 99% of traffic cones worldwide to create rapid barricade deployments. Skipper has a full range of accessories including wall support bracketsroad safety lights and sign holders. It can also connect to its own Post & base system or Road cone. With the range of Skipper safety products, anything's possible.

The Skipper range of outdoor safety products are designed to create safe working environments. The award winning Skipper unit has 9m (30ft) of high visibility retractable tape, making it the most cost-effective and easy to use barrier on the market. With a full complement of fantastic accessories, Skipper really is perfect for any environment. Its range of applications also make it perfect for sectors such as traffic management, construction, facilities management and so many more.



Skipper Unit

Skipper is the unique way to cordon off any area, creating safer environments with high visibility retractable 9m tape.

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Post & Base

The Skipper post & base system is the amazing system for the successful Skipper product line. Its great versatility allows it to be used on both hard and soft ground, indoors and outdoors.

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Skipper Cone

The Skipper road cone is a revolutionary two-piece cone that outperforms its competitors in all areas.

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Safety Light

This environmentally friendly road light is a multifunctional LED warning light that is fully rechargeable.

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A4 Sign Holder

This A4 sign holder is designed for use with the Skipper unit.

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Magnetic Wall Support Bracket

The Skipper magnetic support brackets hold the Skipper unit in place without the need for a cone or post.

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Magnetic Receiver Clip

The Skipper magnetic receiver clips allow the tape end to attach direct without the need for another Skipper unit.

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Recycle Bin

The Skipper recycle bin is a robust and durable attachment for multi-purpose waste and recycling use.

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Safety Dispenser

The safety dispenser provides easy access to safety equipment such as ear buds and safety goggles.

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Suction Pad

The suction pad holder/receiver is designed for use with the Skipper XS unit (although it can be used as a standard tape receiver).

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