11 July 2013

Hello. I'm just back from Maternity Leave and as you've probably noticed HSM has a brand new website. Like any good website it is constantly evolving and we have several new features in the pipeline, but we'd love to hear any comments that you have so far so we can be sure that it's meeting your needs. Please either email us or Log In to the site to leave your comments.

It's an interesting time to return to the safety industry as there are lots of changes imminent. With growing signs of economic optimism including evidence of a housebuilding revival, a fresh focus on health and safety is crucial. But as government efforts to simplify health and safety take effect - new arrangements for reporting injuries are due in October and it has been agreed that employers' strict liability for injuries at work will end, there is a worry that attitudes towards heath and safety may be relaxing at a time when efforts need to be stepped up.
Meeting the dual challenge of promoting UK Plc's growth while protecting its most important asset - its people - won't be easy, but it is likely that it will be the manufacturers and suppliers who tailor their offerings accordingly who will thrive, and there are many who are already doing so.  
Speaking to Health & Safety Matters in an interview for the next issue of the magazine, Brad Gates, EMEA president for Capital Safety talks, for example, about the success the company has had with its mobile training initiative: "The reality is is that it's not very easy for companies to send people away for training," explains Brad.  "It is easier if we can go to them and they can organise a few hours when we can give them some general awareness training. The mobile trucks serve a great purpose for that and they're in high demand," says Brad.
The next issue of Health & Safety Matters will be published at the end of July.