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Noise measurement …. Easy dose it!

23 January 2013

The smallest of all the Pulsar instruments' range of noise measuring equipment can help assess workers' industrial noise exposure thanks to cable free technology...

The Model 22 Noise Dosimeter is the smallest of the Pulsar Instruments plc range of sound measuring equipment designed to be used in many industries such as manufacturing, construction, chemical, mining, highway maintenance to name a few.

The Model 22 is a tiny, rugged, lightweight, cable-free personal noise dosimeter with no displays or controls, making it the ideal solution for capturing the reality of the wearers' daily noise exposure levels. Worn on the shoulder, it is almost unnoticeable by the wearer. This noise dosemeter offers a wide range of features yet, like most Pulsar products, it is easy to use. It is rechargeable, making it more economical, and designed to run for an entire shift. As such, it offers powerful data logging (up to 33 measurements in a 24 hours duration).

Cables no longer interfere with the task at hand and workers will not even know they are wearing it. Pulsar Model 22 features selectable options and data logging with time history values. These are downloaded from the doseBadge into a Reader unit through the infra-red link.
This system is the perfect for both professionals who are new to noise measurement and also those who have established that dosimetry is their preferred method of compliance with the Noise at Work regulations. The Pulsar Model 22 is supplied as a kit in a rugged briefcase, which also includes a Reader Unit with an integral acoustic calibrator, charger unit, software and USB download cable. The kit includes calibration certificates as standard, documenting compliance with the latest international standard. The dBLink software that is supplied as standard with the kit allows users to quickly and easily analyse and transform data into informative report formats.

This system is perfect for the busy Health & Safety manager, who has limited time for noise measurement. The doseBadge can be started at the beginning of a shift and stopped at the end. Measurement data can then be downloaded for analysis from the Reader Unit when it's convenient. It really is that simple.

Enquire how the Pulsar Model 22 can will help your health & safety strategy by contacting our team on 01723 518011 or email us at sales@pulsarinstruments.com . More information is available on our website www.pulsarinstruments.com