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Collaboration to revolutionise workplace safety

11 October 2023

PROTEX AI, an innovator in AI-powered safety solutions, is delighted to announce its strategic partnership with Intelex Technologies, a leader in cloud-based Environmental, Health, Safety, and Quality (EHSQ) management software.

This partnership is rooted in our shared commitment to empowering forward-thinking organisations with the tools they need to bolster safety in their workplaces. The modern workplace demands more than just reactive safety measures – it necessitates the ability to prevent incidents before they occur.

Traditionally, organisations have relied on firsthand observations and inspections to collect data, often missing critical safety indicators that could lead to accidents or injuries. What goes unnoticed often goes unrecorded.

The collaboration between Protex AI and Intelex addresses this challenge head-on. Protex AI seamlessly integrates with an organisation's existing CCTV infrastructure, continuously capturing and analysing video footage of potential safety hazards. It works around the clock, identifying even the subtlest conditions that, if overlooked, could escalate into a significant incident. This valuable data becomes a pivotal input for Intelex's comprehensive system, fueling robust dashboards, trend analysis, and reporting functionalities.

Dan Hobbs, CEO of Protex AI, shares his excitement about this partnership: "Protex AI is thrilled to join forces with Intelex, a globally recognised EHSQ management leader. We share a common goal and a shared passion for equipping safety teams with the tools they need to be proactive and efficient. Our combined digital safety solution promises continuous, scalable risk mitigation strategies, and we eagerly anticipate the numerous benefits this partnership will yield."

Scott Gaddis, the vice president of health and safety at Intelex, underlines the pivotal role that this collaboration plays in enhancing safety cultures. "Data lies at the heart of a proactive safety culture," says Gaddis. "The more data you can gather about workplace observations and conditions, the more effective your safety culture becomes. With Protex AI and Intelex's digital safety management tools, organisations can obtain a continuous stream of data about conditions in the workplace."

He goes on to assert, "This partnership represents the dawn of a new era in workplace safety. A safety management system fortified by Protex AI and Intelex ushers in cutting-edge technology to combat workplace injuries and fatalities. With continuous AI and analytics at your fingertips, every organisation can take a significant step toward creating a workplace that preemptively prevents incidents, ensuring that every worker returns home safely."

Together, Protex AI and Intelex are set to redefine workplace safety standards, championing a future where incidents are averted, and every worker returns home unharmed.