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Storage that's evolved over a decade

17 June 2021

OVER ITS 10 Year lifetime, Bott Group's bott verso system has undergone various developments: including an extended guarantee (from 5 – 10 years), a wider product offering (from 395 to 1700+ items) and a number of market-led innovations.

The bott verso system has evolved alongside businesses and their need to adjust to the varying demands placed on them - take the growth in the facilities market for example. With the introduction of green policies and workplace health and safety regulations, the requirement for fit-for-purpose storage solutions for hazardous materials and supplies has risen. Industry 4.0 & IoT, has generated the demand for quality workstations and computer cupboards in the working area; the bott verso options have helped customers to remain competitive and up-to-date during this time.

For smaller companies, finding and choosing the right equipment to promote efficiency is crucial; wasteful activities and rising overheads can soon mount up, making the difference between business success or failure. The bott verso ergonomic workstation was developed in response to the rise of LEAN and 5S initiatives seen in most industries today - allowing for quick modification and seamless expansion.

New for 2021

Building on a decade of market success in the UK, the bott verso range has been harmonised across the Bott Group, providing customers worldwide with a consistent product offering. With new essential key features, such as; optional drawer blocking mechanism, new sizes and increased 75kg drawer capacity - the range continues to go from strength to strength.

The company is confident that bott verso will still be helping customers to stay organised and efficient, in another 10 years from now…

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