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Latest gloves to be unveiled at A+A

07 November 2019

Ansell will be showcasing four new gloves at A+A 2019.

Protection experts from Ansell will be at the A+A Congress in the Messe Düsseldorf, Germany from 5-8 November, 2019, Stand J35 in Hall 6 to welcome visitors and to provide guidance on ways for companies to keep their workers safe.

Although the new gloves will undoubtedly keep customers protected to the highest standards, for once Ansell can’t keep everyone well informed of all of the details. Visitors will have to go to Stand J35 to discover the reasons for Ansell’s excitement for themselves.  

What the company can reveal is that there will be two new Chemical Protection Gloves to view: one that gives exceptional comfort and protection against solvents, acids and hydro-carbons; and Ansell’s very first single-use glove that offers protection against ketones. The four innovations will be completed by two new Cut Protection Gloves. The first is designed to be worn between two cleanroom gloves when handling sharp objects or cleaning apparatus, and the final glove promises a level of cut protection that, says Ansell, has never seen before in a glove so light.

Commitment to protect the world

“The A+A Congress is the perfect opportunity for Ansell to meet our customers, showcase our products and assess the trends in our sector,” says Neil Salmon, president industrial GBU at Ansell. “We are continuously investing in the research and development of new materials, products and services that improve worker safety and efficiency. This forum serves as a reminder of our commitment and responsibilities, and what the industry expects of us.” 

Ansell manufactures and markets high-performance hand and body protection solutions for a wide-range of industrial applications. Its products are to be found worldwide as the first line of defence against harmful chemicals and liquids, high temperatures, cuts and abrasions for workers in almost every industry where protection is a priority.

Raising standards

Ansell is acknowledged an authority on the certification of regulated products. The company has considerable experience in lobbying and influencing new standards, typically playing a leading role in both formulating legislation and in defining the industry’s response.

Many at A+A will recognise Ansell’s part in the adoption and sustainable compliance to PPE legislation implemented through Regulation EU 2016/425, which came into force this year. Ansell’s leadership, preparedness, and drive to find solutions that fit the industry have been designed to fundamentally improve the market for all affected by this vital legislation, whether they are a manufacturer, distributor or end-user.