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Increase safety for home workers

21 October 2020

ISLE SYSTEMS has launched Aspect Link Home, an intelligent and non-intrusive solution to better protect employees working alone from home.

If the user falls, becomes incapacitated, fails to check-in, or initiates an emergency alarm, an alert is automatically sent within seconds to their manager, fellow workers, family & friends and even neighbours.

The advice is to work from home if possible, but this raises some important questions:

  • How is employees’ safety and welfare being monitored?
  • What risks are associated working from home alone? 
  • What are the liabilities for the employer?

It is often assumed that an employee is safe while working from home but statistically, accidents are more commonplace in the home than in the office. Falling objects, trips and falls are all more likely to occur at home. Regulations governing safety at work apply to all workplaces, no matter where they are. The employer has a duty of care to ensure a safe working environment for the home worker. As advised by the Health & Safety Authority, “The employer should accept liability for accident or injury of a homeworker as for any other employee”.

Safety officers, managers, supervisors and team leads gain peace of mind, and confidence that their staff are being actively taken care of. While at the same time reducing the newfound sense of isolation and loneliness for the home worker.

Aspect Link Home is a fully managed service. Isle Systems administers the full deployment to all users and provides direct support to all users. This enables the organisation to focus on their core business and helps to reduce stress and workload for managers and supervisory staff. 

With over 15 years’ experience in design and development in the Lone Worker Industry, Isle Systems have been assessing, advising, and providing solutions for a broad range of Lone Workers across multiple sectors – and now, have broadened this scope to specifically deliver features that people working from home need.

These solutions come in a range of products and options from apps on both iOS and Android platforms, to a broad range of smart devices.