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Colour and cut in-house sign system

07 November 2019

Launching at A+A 2019, Rebo Systems' SMS R1 colour and cut in-house sign system can print in up to 14 spot colours and cut any shape, in any size up to 100mm.

With its own Rebo designed Print Manager – any software can be used to design and print/cut any safety sign and label, in any quantity and in assorted batches of mixed types. The SMS R1 can even print and cut lengths of mixed signs up to an impressive 10 meters.

The system communicates with a built-in full colour touch screen, so it can be networked or used as a dedicated system. Everything from whether there is enough material loaded for a print job through to what ribbons or material needs to be installed is clearly indicated.

Roel Richmond – managing director and designer of the product, comments: “We wanted to design and build the best system ever for fast, multi-colour signs with total flexibility in shape, size and quantity. The machine ‘does the talking’, it means the PC does not give instructions to the user – the printer does.”

With the footprint of a small laser printer, the SMS R1 is totally self contained and does not release the finished print job until it is finished, keeping everything uncontaminated by dust and not monopolising work space.

With automatic material loading and a special slide-in ribbon cassette mechanism, using the SMS R1 is fast and uncomplicated.

“As the use of in-house sign systems continues to grow in today’s industries, the need for greater speed in production and a flexibility in creating a risk specific safety message has grown. Customers are expecting more value and performance from our products and we believe we have delivered with this exciting new concept,” says Clinton Church – export manager for Rebo Systems.

Along with the new SMS R1 Rebo will also be exhibiting its extensive range of in-house sign systems, including portable systems and large format system. Stand number: 07A / 7AC11.

Rebo is actively expanding its sales base and will be looking for new distribution in Continental Europe and the International markets.

Contact: clinton@rebo.nl info@rebo.nl or visit: www.rebo.nl.