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GOJO goes back to its roots to protect hard-working hands

26 August 2020

SKIN HEALTH specialist, GOJO Industries-Europe, has a range of heavy-duty hand cleaners that are available in a Natural or Olive formulation for use in trade environments such as construction sites, garages, workshops, and factories.

With COVID-19 still in general circulation, hand hygiene is one of the primary measures recommended to prevent the spread of infection. Much of the focus during the pandemic, however, has been on hand washing in light or no soil environments, such as healthcare facilities, schools, and shops.

For workers in heavy industries, sanitising gel or regular soap and water may not be enough to effectively eliminate germs. All tough soils must be completely removed from hands to ensure there are no viruses left clinging to the dirt.

GOJO Industries-Europe's heavy-duty hand cleaners are powerful against tough dirt and grime, yet are also gentle to skin. The formulations are hypoallergenic and largely incorporate natural ingredients, including plant-based scrubbers. They are also free from parabens, phenoxyethanol, isothiazolinone, titanium dioxide, triethanolamine; and formaldehyde release. 

85% of the ingredients in the Natural Scrub, and 91% in the Olive, are biodegradable. The natural scrubbing agents help to reduce the impact on aquatic ecosystems too, making them a sustainable choice.

Chris Wakefield, Vice President, European Marketing & Product Development, GOJO Industries-Europe, comments: "Although we are best known for skin health and sanitising, our heritage actually lies in tackling the tough soils associated with the manufacturing industry. In fact, the very first product GOJO developed was a heavy-duty hand cleaner back in 1946. 

"Our passion to innovate has led us to create products that are sustainable, gentle to skin, yet effective against the most common soils faced by workers in heavy industries. In the current climate, this is more important than ever, since it can be difficult to implement other infection prevention measures. For example, the nature of machinery means social distancing may not be possible, and similarly, noise levels may prohibit workers from wearing masks in factories or garages."

For more information, call +44 (0)1908 588444, email: infouk@GOJO.com or visit: www.GOJO.com