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Walkway protection product launched

07 October 2021

A NEW floor protection product has been introduced by BAXT to protect high traffic walkways in a wide variety of industrial environments, including warehouses and manufacturing premises.

Benefiting from BAXT’s 5-layer construction, TP10 protected areas can last up to 12 months before requiring a new application, saving customers both time and money.

Consisting of clearly defined yellow edges and exceptionally hard wearing construction, TP10 is designed to provide clear walkway avenues through high traffic, high load areas. These can then be quickly and easily cleaned when heavily soiled, by simply removing one of the 5 available layers.

Kevin Mitchell, head of product development, says: “This is yet another great addition to the ‘Protection’ group of products manufactured by BAXT, designed to allow our customers to quickly and easily return their working environments to an ‘as new’ state. Many of our existing customers loved the existing FP10 floor protection product, but were asking for tailored versions to allow them to use the product elsewhere on their premises, this is just the first of a wider product range we are releasing based on customer feedback”.

The full BAXT range of floor and wall coverings is available for next day delivery from Southampton-based supplier of tools, consumables and coatings, the Direct Tool Company (DTC), whose MD, Tim Wakeford, states: “Great to see another innovative new product from BAXT and one I am sure our existing customers will value. What’s more, due to the wide variety of possible applications I’m confident many new customers and industries will find it extremely valuable as well.”

View a product demo of TP10 here: www.baxt-products.com/product/tp10-5-layer-walkway- protection/

To view the full range of BAXT products, visit: www.baxt-products.com

The full range of BAXT products are available from distributor, Direct Tool Company: www.dtc-uk.com