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New opening options for gate system

15 January 2020

The solar/battery gate system developed by Dofygate now has an improved range of opening options and an updated stand.

The stand now incorporates wheels to allow the gate to be moved easily from place to place as needed. For more permanent installs or places where the gate may be at risk, a security plate is used to prevent access to the fixings.

Widths of up to 6.6m are available, along with a new fob with a range of up to 200m. Coupled with the range of other opening options that can be added at any time Dofygate provides a simple way to improve site safety without compromising day-to-day activities.

Enabling a loader driver to directly control access to his loading area in a waste recycling or soil processing plant, providing a safe crossing point on an internal road, or preventing unexpected arrivals into a building site are examples where Dofygate is improving site safety and saving time. A vehicle or person arriving in the wrong place at the wrong time is always time consuming and could be dangerous.

All Dofygates have been assembled by the company from parts manufactured by specialists in the UK.